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School Profile


Lincoln Middle School is currently home to approximately 500 students in grades 6-8 with over 85 full and part-time educators and related services professionals. The day consists of 7, 51 minute classes.   Students take Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Health, and Physical Education.   Students have a choice of instrumental, vocal or general music.  Student electives include: World Language, Art, Computers, Media Arts, STEM, STEAM, Life and Career Skills for 21st Century, and Research and Writing.  These courses provide the students with the breadth of educational experiences needed for intellectual growth and for participation in our democratic society.   The 6th and 7th grades are organized into two academic teams per grade level which foster collaboration and communication between team members.    LMS is a Title I Targeted Assistance School and provides a  basic skills program which supports both a push-in and pull-out support models.  Students identified with special academic abilities are eligible to participate in our Network Program. Students are provided with educational enrichment experiences, which nurture their special strengths. These activities are in addition to their regular program of instruction. Technology integration is an ongoing point of emphasis at our school. Students and staff have regular access to class sets of Chromebook laptops and computer labs. Additionally, many classes utilize Google Classroom to enhance learning and promote collaboration. Each classroom at LMS is equipped with  Interactive Epson projectors.  LMS believes in recognizing student achievement, effort and good character as integral parts of becoming leaders of future generations. Students and staff can be recognized through our BEAR BUCKS PBIS program throughout the year and can cash in reward points for prizes.  In addition, cach month eight students are nominated and recognized for demonstrating good character and receive a certificate and gift cards.  This is just a mere sampling of the rich program and activities at Lincoln Middle School.